Friday 11/26/10

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Well, guess Luke decided to rampage! His babies were all over the place, of course, including the backyard. I picked them all up, along with a long-dead bird smooshed up beside the house. Wait, that sounded wrong. I did not pick the babies up with the bird, I picked the babies up and I picked the bird up. Separate trips, naturally.

 I think I caught him starting over when I came back later because there were babies all over the ground near the basket, but not strewn about yet. I wonder how he picks which ones will be sacrificed to the elements?

Elroy and I are having quite the love-fest! He actually sat down and let me pet him today, in the house. I’m not making this up! I wanted to snap a picture so badly but didn’t want to ruin the moment. I had gotten used to him running off to the back of the house after our walks, but now he walks toward me and leans his head so I can give him lots of pets and scratches. Awwwww!

Rocky and I took a midnight stroll. It wasn’t terribly cold tonight, plus I like to live on the edge sometimes.  He had fun, which is pretty much par for the course with this guy!

Chanel threw quite a tantrum when leaving her mom today but she got over it and we had a good walk. I must attract the more challenging dogs or something, which is fine by me because it is so very rewarding when you are finally accepted by them.

Maggie was very hungry but wouldn’t eat, even after her Noni juice. I ended up having her lick food off of my fingers during her sub-qs which she seemed to like. After that, she started eating on her own. Nellie is still angry with me over the food and meds, but tough love is sometimes necessary. I also fed Tugi and snapped a cute picture.

And then we have my Georgia, sweet big girl that she is. We had a nice, if uneventful walk today and she only jumped on me twice. Yay!

Silly Jake started a fit barking his head off in the crate because he thought Roman was gone. Well, Roman was under the blankets. Jake eventually found him and all was well in his world again. They also enjoyed some playtime outside.

I even had a visit with my good bud Jax. He wasn’t feeling very buddylike, however. I called and called for him and he finally made an appearance and then quickly darted back off to whatever he was after in the first place.

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