Friday 08/06/10

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This has been my busiest day yet!

Cat Party – Didn’t get many pictures, but I did see Sweet Pea, Nikki, Peaches, Sam, Tigger, Sugar and a couple others that I couldn’t immediately identify. Guess what? I GOT TO PET PEACHES’ TAIL! Yay!!!

Tori & Summit – Tori is my new buddy, he doesn’t bark at me anymore which is nice. Summit has been eating pretty well since I started elevating her dish. I do have to go into the shed and make her come out though. Lots of packages came today as well.

Whitney – no pictures today. Whitney made a big of a mess that her mom and I cleaned up and then I gave Whitney a bath.

Georgia – we had our walk, checked out some squirrels, sniffed some bushes. You know, the ususal – just the way we like it!

Zeke & Zaney – tried some WD-40 on the door lock but it’s still being a pain! Oh well, I tried at least. Brought a new bag of food also. Did all the chores then we hung out on the couch for some pets.

Lil Bear & Friends – Nuff took his c meds on his own and he was laying on a soaking wet towel, yay! (this means he’s peeing on his own, a good sign). He also drug himself, quite quickly, I might add, to have his pm salad. Lil Bear actually came out to greet me *BREAKTHROUGH* usually I have to coax her out of her den but it looks like I’ve finally been accepted! Winter must have been drinking for about 10 minutes when I held the bottle for her. (note: it was probably only a few minutes, but it felt like 10!). Raja was tossing everything around the pen and Sylvie was hiding in the box before coming out to disapprove of me.

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