Friday 09/17/10

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Casper was home this morning! I was sooo happy! I just had to pick him up and hug him and pet him and squeeze him and name him George. Squirrel allowed me the pleasure of petting her for a bit before breakfast and then she went back to ignoring me, so everything is as usual!

Niko was being a little attention-needy (yes, I just did that) so I invited him up on the cat tree for extra petting. Maestro kept telling me there wasn’t enough food even after I showed him multiple times that yes, the bowls are completely full and no, I will not overfill them. Silly cat! I cleaned the buns’ cage today. Chloe keeps making this popping sound, I think she is thumping but I haven’t actually seen her do it. Brix kept smelling my hair and Strawberry let me pet him for a bit and then put his feet on my arm, so cute! Pumpernickel chewed at my shirt.

Mr. Bean is his sweet little self. He did give me a start because I turned my back to him to grab his treats before asking him to go in the crate and when I turned back around, I couldn’t see him! I started calling for me and looking around when I noticed he was already waiting in the crate for me. Awww, he’s learning! Smart guy.

Georgia and I had a nice workout today, it ended up getting to a little over 80. She stuck her nose in one of the ground squirrel holes, and this time there was actually a squirrel in there and he was barking at her! She sniffed for a bit more and then decided against pursuing the matter and we continued on.

Just walked Landon alone today, he did really well! It was a nice evening also, I think he enjoyed himself, lots of stuff to pee on!

Nighttime  Mr. Bean visit ~ HE HUMPED MY ARM!!!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. It was too funny. This was after he started barking and growling at the refrigerator when the motor cycled off. Ah, the joys of puppies.

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