Friday 10/08/10

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Mr. Bean was chasing a light on the wall. I couldn’t figure out what it was for the longest time until I realized it was a reflection off my cell phone. More concerning: that it took me so long to figure out the light source or that I was holding my cell phone and didn’t even know it?

Ruda was playing chicken with the garage door. Since I brought the garbage in today, I had the door open so I could walk around the gate. Ruda came running in and every time I’d try to close the door, he’d run under it. It scared me at first until I knew that it has a sensor so it kept going back up! I tried to get him to just come inside but he was having none of that. I did not see Hermione again today, I will try coming at a different time tomorrow to see if I can find her. There was dirt in the outside water bowls – was someone washing their cat feet? Mysteries, I tell ya, mysteries. Rocket didn’t sass me at all today, but he did require lots and lots of pets!

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