Friday 10/29/10

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Georgia and I were happy to miss the rain! We had a good walk and then I brought her home because Dad had an appointment.

After Georgia, I transported Finnegan to the Central California Labrador Rescue volunteer’s house so he could go meet his (hopefully) forever home in Shingle Springs. Good luck, Finny!

Zoe and Landon enjoyed their last week of the season with us. Afterward we played ball in the yard with all the dogs. Everyone had a blast.

I want to say Dodger was happy to see me, but Dodger is always happy, all the time! We did a quick potty walk and then went back home for a full on ball playing session. Poor guy was huffing and puffing when I left!

Jersey finally let me pet her, yay! The food in the bin was barely enough for one bowl so I went on a hunt (led by Izzy, of course), found the new bag in the garage, and refilled the bin. Regan actually ate all his dinner tonight. We went to hang out in the livingroom and all of a sudden, Regan goes into this rolling frenzy and¬†nearly knocked the gate entirely over, trapping Izzy in the kitchen and distressing Jersey so much that she decided she was going to lay on the couch and not come down. ¬†(Don’t worry – nothing is broken!)

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