Logic Fail in Protecting Our Pets – a Plea from your Pet Sitter

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I see this happen time and time again, and honestly, it makes me sad for the Dog People Community.


In response to a man protecting himself and his Chihuahua from a perceived threat from an American Bully by shooting the dog dead, folks are lamenting that the man went overboard, he must have hated pit bulls (note the lowercase – ABs are NOT Pit Bulls), he must have been crazy, etc.


I ask you this – is his Chihuahua’s life any less important than the Am Bully’s life? Would you not take the same steps, if available to you, to protect your pet and self?


Oh, we can say the loose dog was friendly all we want, “oh, I know this dog and it wouldn’t have hurt the Chihuahua.”


REALLY? You somehow KNOW this? I say, “a dog is friendly to other dogs until he meets a dog he doesn’t like”. It CAN and DOES happen. No one can say for sure if the Chi was in danger, or no danger at all.


And I’m here to say – yes, the loss of a dog, any dog’s life, any human’s life for that matter, is tragic, of course – but this man, this man with a perfectly legal right to self defense, did what I think MOST of you would do if you feared for your beloved pet’s safety. I know I would, without hesitation.


And yes, I hear the moans from folks claiming that the man was just scared of the bully type and probably wouldn’t have shot if the dog was a Lab.


Maybe this is true. Does it matter? Does that mean that the leash law is any less valid? Was it okay for the dog to be loose and running toward this man and his dog because WE love Bully breeds and know that the vast majority of them are awesome and friendly? Um….no.


It’s NEVER okay for a dog to be loose and running toward people and other animals.


It’s called being a responsible owner – and that includes ensuring that YOUR dog can never be perceived as a threat because YOUR dog is always properly contained, properly trained, and properly socialized.


And guess what, folks?  People HATE our dogs.  They just do.  And knowing that, (and I’m talking to you Chow-Chow, Dobie, Rottie, and GSD folks as well) – you have to be THAT much more cognizant of where your dog is and what he is doing AT ALL TIMES.


Don’t want to make that commitment? Get a stuffed dog. And get two, in case someone gets scared and shoots it when you toss it in the person’s face and wonder why they felt the need to protect themselves.


Am I being a bit harsh? Possibly. But if my little reality check spurs you to leash your dog and be more responsible, thus ensuring a longer and happier life for both you and your pet, then I’ll be harsh day and night until the day I die.

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