Monday 01/10/11

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I dropped my camera again. I thought it was okay, until I noticed a little black cloud chasing all the pets. Sadly, I will most likely need to replace this camera and yes, the little black cloud of camera doom is likely to be our frenemy for a while longer until I can get to the store and get it taken care of.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No pets have been harmed by the little black cloud of camera doom. Yet (we cannot trust it too much).

Now, on to your regularly scheduled blog post:

Walked Georgia, Jersey, and Reagan today. Cleaned up poo, both kinds (cat and dog). Got my volunteer on at City shelter with Chako’s Canine Good Citizen program, and went to a training class for Spay Day USA 2011. I will be one of many volunteers helping to schedule appointments. Good times, I tell ya!

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