Monday 09/20/10

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Mr. Bean was very potty bad today! He wouldn’t go but we did play outside and he soaked up the sun, lying in the grass.

Well I forgot to mention it yesterday, but Niko was naked when I arrived. I found his collar by the food bowls and put it back on. He was fully clothed today though. Then, he acted like he was starving for attention so I invited him onto my lap for pets. All of a sudden, he starts maniacally biting my pants to the point I was afraid he would rip them! Then I realized that I had dog treats in my pocket! He went crazy for them, but Maestro didn’t much care for them, although he did saunter on over to see what the commotion was. My cats like these treats also, they are chicken, liver and pumpkin. Chloe is disapproving as ever but Brix let me pick him up to move him so I could clean. Pumpernickel ended up following Chloe into the exercise pen. Strawberry is in a full on moultĀ – bunny fur everywhere!

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