Monday 11/08/10

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Okay, I have a couple photos from my camera phone. I did get a new camera tonight though so will have good pictures tomorrow!

Today I had a Georgia walk, an Izzy/Jersey/Regan walk, and GCG Shelter Dog volunteerin’ at City Shelter.

Georgia was in a bit of a mood today, after our walk she was very insistent on pets. Luckily, she’s gotten wise to the fact that she has to sit to be petted and she’s pretty consistent with it.

Jersey is great on leash, I really didn’t have any issues walking her at all. Regan pulled from time to time but nothing major, and we had fun. Izzy, of course, needs to be hooked up to a cart! I tried her out on the Easy-Walk Harness and she did really well on it, I think I will use it next time on her as well.

I also fell in love with the new girl at City Shelter. Her name is Sasha. She reminds me a lot of my sweet Cali, it was hard to not adopt her right then and there!

I’ve also included some photos of Ollie from the shelter. We didn’t get any of Carmel, will have to work on that next week.

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