Monday 11/15/10

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Would you believe, I have Roman, Jake and Calvin at my house all day yet I did not give myself enough time to get any pictures of them? They are all asleep now. I doubt Calvin will sleep through the night, but Jake and Roman are just passed out! By the way, Roman is scared of the cats, and Jake wants to chase them.

Jersey and I went down the barge area to check things out over there, I didn’t even realize how close to the river we were, silly me. Izzy and Regan didn’t get the full tour, there will be time for that tomorrow.  Jersey and I saw this sign that I thought was simply hilarious. I think it’s awesome that they are warning parents to use life jackets, but um….kids DO float! I mean, they CAN, if they know how. I think a better sign would be “Kids Can Drown” but that’s not as warm and fuzzy I guess.

I also went to the shelter to work with the dogs there. We had Freckles in the program, but after working with him today, I don’t think he has any pit bull in him at all, so we are going to stick to Carmel and Ollie until we get a pit bull in.

Georgia and I trekked on up to the levee and then back down. There was another dog being walked up there and of course she scared them both. It’s hard to convince people that she only wants to play but it doesn’t matter as I don’t allow nose-to-nose contact anyway. I just don’t like people to think they have something fear when they don’t!

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