Monday 11/22/10

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Maggie was very unhappy about her herbal meds, but we made it work. I used the tuna juice idea. She was eating happily when I left. Nelly wanted to go out, but I told her that she should wait for a non-rainy day and she understood.

Jersey and I ran into some little kids (about 7) playing and she was scared of them. The kids were scared of her at first, with one saying, “Is that a pit bull? My friend says that’s a pit bull” as they backed away. I said, “Yes, she is a pit bull, is that why you are scared? Look at her, she is more scared of you than you are of her.” Jersey was trying to get that leash to stretch, poor thing. The boys said that their mom wanted to get a German Shepherd because they are smart and help the police catch bad guys. I said that German Shepherds are very good dogs, and that Pit Bulls are also used by police to sniff out bombs and find people that are trapped in collapsed buildings. The kids thought that was very cool. Jersey hung out and listened to it all, and I think it was good for her to just learn to be near children and see that they won’t hurt her.

Regan and I had a good, if uneventful walk but Izzy and I nearly came face to face with that angry Rottweiler down the street. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, walking around the front yard unrestrained. Normally they have him tethered. Izzy and I moved as quickly as we could across and down the street. Yes, I can move pretty darn fast when need be!

After that, I went down to City  Shelter to work with Carmel and Ollie. Rudolph was getting  neutered. Carmel has been making a lot of progress, and Ollie is on hold for adoption (again). Wish him luck! To keep up-to-date on the shelter dog program, please “like”

I left the shelter and to walk my Georgia. We did another levee walk, the cool weather is perfect for it.

Roman and Jake will miss their little playmate. Calvin went back to his foster mom today. I miss him sooo much! Other than that, Roman and Jakie are doing  just fine. Late last night, Roman and I had some cuddle time on the couch with Calvin while Jakie enjoyed a chew toy.

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