Saturday 09/18/10

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This time, photos first….

Mr. Bean was fantastic as always, we even got TWO poos! Whoopee! He rolled around with his beloved hot dog and we snuggled before I left.

Squirrel and Casper were both home today. I had to take a picture of the rug because I straighten it on every visit, and whenever I return, it’s all smooshed up again. I wonder who is to blame…

Jake and I had our walk on the ridge. There were a lot of yard sales today, but Jake didn’t buy anything – he had forgotten his cash at home, bummer.

Today I had the joy of meeting Teddy and new foster bun Junior. Lil Bear was super affectionate the whole time, I’d like to think she was jealous! Teddy is a cutie and boy, what a firecracker he is! You can’t turn your back for a millisecond with this little guy around. The buns were all checked on and doing a-okay as well.

Niko was waiting at the door for me. Maestro kept to himself for the most part while Niko and I played. I also cleaned up everyone’s mess and got one little tomato from the plant. Brix came up for pets and Chloe is still thumping and being displeased with me. Pumpernickel is leery of me, but not much seems to be able to upset Strawberry.

Mason and Shiloh were inside, snuggling and walking around. Silly cats. I was wondering where Truman might be as I was preparing dinner when I noticed Shiloh kept looking out of the kitchen window. I went to see what she was looking at, and sure enough it was Truman! I called him in and everyone had dinner. We also did fish flakes and I cleaned the litterbox.

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