Saturday 09/25/10

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Dodger and I had a great day! I met Bailey today, and of course Dodger was all too happy to say hello to her. On our pm visit, we played ball until I thought he was going to just fall right over from exhaustion. Someone will sleep soundly!

Minnie & Jack are both so cute and funny. Minnie pooed outside on the pm visit, yay! They both got lots of pets and cuddles and food and water, of course. Jack got a little burst of energy out of the blue and started running around circles in the yard and chasing and biting his own tail while Minnie looked at him like he was very uncouth.

It was so hot when I walked Jake today – my car said it was 95, is that right? We took a stroll through the park and then headed back home to do poop patrol.

The bunnies have started to chew up the carpet in their condo. I gave them a paper grocery bag yesterday to give them something else to do and found it shredded today. Niko was super attentive and cuddly today so I made sure to give him extra time for petting. Maestro is missing his mom and dad, he keeps looking at me as if to say, “U R HER ON TEMPORARY BASIS, LADY. DO NOT FORGET DAT.” He also avoided my camera so we get…a blur of his leg.

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