Saturday 10/23/10

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I finally decided to dig Silky out from behind the desk. I was a little worried because I stuck my hand back there initially which he growled at, but then he started with these little tiny mews and I thought something might be wrong. He was fine though, came bolting out and went directly under the bed. Puddles was out of course, and wanting pets. The ants were back again, and in the food again. I vacuumed and moved the dishes. I have some pet-safe ant bait that I will put down on my next visit. It’s been very rainy lately which is the reason for the ants.

L. Bear’s bunnies need hay and pellets so I went to Pet Extreme and Western Feed and Pet Supply. Pet Extreme doesn’t carry the correct pellet brand and Western Feed and Pet Supply was out but I did pick up two big bags of hay at least.

At theĀ visit with “The Bears” today, it was raining off and on; I was afraid we’d get caught in a downpour so we stayed inside but pottied outside of course. Well, I didn’t potty outside, that would be a bit weird and gross! L.Bear peed and T. Bear peed and pooped on his 2nd trip outside. Both had lunch as well. Mom left a note stating that she had been working on training T. Bear and boy could I see a difference! The destructo puppy phase is showing signs of slowing down and a calmer, gentler Teddy Bear is emerging! I checked on the buns too, Nuffy seemed a bit wheezy and I gave him some petsĀ and noted that for Mom when she gets home.

And then….*drumroll*….I GOT TO PET NAPOLEON! Please note, it was only 4 pets until he decided that I had enough but I was elated nonetheless. Chores were completed and then I ran around in circles for about 10 minutes pulling a string behind me while Kiki and Napoleon looked at me like I had lost my mind.

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