Saturday 11/13/10

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Eventful day today!

Louie and I hung out at the park, thanks to a tip from mom! We had fun – it’s so nice to have access to a nice secure fenced area without other dogs to play. On our next visit, Louie enjoyed lots of brushing and back scratching.

Tobe is awesome as always, she was jumping on me this evening, that’s new.

I also stopped by to visit Jax. I was happy that he remembered me, he came running fast but then of course just wanted food, the silly boy.

Roman and Jakie decided to stay here instead of their house. I don’t normally do boarding, but this was an extenuating circumstance so here we are! It’s okay though, because I am puppy sitting for Calvin, a pup from Pit Crew and Jakie and him have been having fun playing out back. Roman, not so much – he’d rather cuddle or stay in his crate. He is scared of the cats, too.

Whoops – please excuse the dates on the photos, the date somehow got changed (unless it’s been wrong the past couple of days – I haven’t checked!).

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