Saturday 11/27/10

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Today was the second round of TNRs for my client’s feral cat colony. She was only able to trap one, this cute little baby boy. There are two left (that we know of) so we will be doing this again soon. I transported him to the clinic where he was altered and is now recuperating in my client’s garage. Wish him a speedy recovery!

Tobe was sound asleep when I arrived – I almost snuck up on her! She went out and had breakfast and a biscuit.

Luke didn’t quite make it outside with all the babies today, I’m sure the rain deterred him. However, he did manage to add a laptop case to his collection. Check him out acting as if nothing is wrong at all.

And now *drumroll* I have photographic proof that Elroy lets me pet him! I am absolutely smitten now! We had a great walk and he got lots of pets. And yes, he gave his permission for the photos.

Rocky and I missed some of the rain and then we got clobbered! Rocky does not do rain, at all, so we headed back home just a bit early. I gave him a little blanket that I have in my car to help him dry off and then we snuggled up on the couch and watched QVC. Rocky was impressed by the deal they had on a Dell notebook but I told him that I don’t really like Dells because of a bad experience my friend had a few years back. He didn’t argue the issue. The camera loves him, by the way.

Maggie was awesome today, everything went as well as could be. Tugi’s tuna smelled a little funky so I opened a new can and refilled the container in the fridge for her next feeding. I also put new tuna juice in there. Nellie will not forgive me, but she has been eating mostly canned with very little kibble so I welcome her hate.

I could not get Jax to show his face, of course since it’s been raining on and off pretty much all day. His backyard food was drenched, I tossed it and refilled it and put it under the wheelbarrow, hopefully it will stay dry now.

Jake and Roman have been sleeping most of the day, all curled up together. I tried to snap a pic but they woke up! I need to brush up on my sneaking skills.

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