Sunday 09/12/10

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Ready to go!

So we went for our supposedly peaceful walk this morning and a little brown down comes running out of an open garage straight for us! I jumped back but she was running fast toward us and not listening to her owners yelling for her so I had no choice but to Spray Shield her. I hate doing it, but I have to protect myself and my client.

You dun maced mah darg!

So the guy starts yelling, “You dun maced mah darg!” and I say, “It’s not mace, but I do need to protect myself, she was running off your property toward us.” He continued to yell so I just kept walking. Little does he know, had I actually used mace, I would have been 10000% within my legal rights as his dog was approaching in an aggressive manner; whether or not her feet actually left his property is not the issue, I felt threatened and have a right to protect myself and my doggie client. Yet another reminder to not let your dogs run loose in an unfenced area.

Other than that annoyance, we had a lovely morning. Breakfast was served, yard scooped, and lots of love for the cuddle bug Louie.

(If you want to carry Spray Shield, and I suggest that you do, we carry it for $11, see the “about” page for my contact info)

P.S. Yes, he really did talk like that! He wasn’t actually rocking a mullet though, although I think he probably secretly yearns to do so.

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