Sunday 09/26/10

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Dodger and I had fun again this morning, potty walk than ball-over-the-banister! Check him out waiting for me to throw the ball. Poor guy, I’m not exactly tall so there were several failed ball launch attempts. Thank you for being patient, Dodger!

Minnie and Jack were anxious to get outside and play. Well, Jack was. Minnie just wanted to cuddle. Everyone was fed and I scooped the yard.

Lil Bear did not want to go out once Teddy was released from his pen. I left her alone and concentrated on naughty Teddy, who thinks trying to eat rocks out of Mommy’s potted plants is okay to do.

Niko of course was thrilled with my arrival; Maestro came up to say hello and then grew bored with me. I took care of everyone and then gave Niko lots of pets and cuddles. I invited Maestro to join us, but he was too absorbed with digging in the box.

Rocketman demanded the faucet be turned on pretty much as soon as I walked through the door. Ruda was outside when I pulled up, but would not come in. I spotted Hermione on the fence outside and near the driveway. I only put down 1/2 of Ruda’s food since it’s really going to be Rocket eating it anyway tonight. Here’s to hoping that Ruda will really miss his food and come on inside on our next visit.

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