Sunday 10/10/10

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Great class today! I get to volunteer at Chako’s Pit Bull Education and Obedience course. The course runs for 6 weeks every Sunday at 10am and this was our 3rd class. The dogs are all coming along nicely and it’s fun to be able to help out. Today we worked on teaching the recall. The one thing I can’t stress enough with this command is that you never ever ever want to discipline your dog after telling him/her to “come” – it should always be a super positive happy experience for them. If your dog gets loose for any reason and you end up chasing him around the neighborhood (been there, done that!), you still want to act excited when he finally does come to you!

Another nice thing about the class is that we got there early so I actually got to have breakfast today. That shouldn’t be news, but I only eat breakfast maybe twice a month at most so this is a step in the right direction. I really do need to get into the habit of eating something before lunch.

Everyone was out today at Rocket’s house. I saw Ruda, Hermione, and the gray cat. Hermione sat patiently outside while I prepared dinner, staring at me from the back porch. Rocket had his water-from-the-faucet time and his obligatory cuddles – Ruda also came up for pets outside. Hermione hung out for justĀ a few precious seconds before running from me and there was a split second that I thought she might let me pet her. Alas, my dream went unfulfilled.

Onto the next stop – Roman humped Bo’s head which I stopped. I don’t think Bo minded at all that I stepped in. Then we all sat on the couch for petting and playtime. Frankie sat on my lap with his blue rubber toy and Bo laid on the couch with Roman under his chin most of the time and Jake licking his face until he growled at him to get back. Jake and Roman took a bunch of toys out the toy box. I’m looking forward to the next time I see them and learning more about their very different personalities.

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