Sunday 10/24/10

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Weather report: A LOT OF RAIN! Yes, it is raining with a vengeance, all day today. Now back to pet sitting:

Okay, so I go in to see Puddles and Silky today and there is a candy wrapper on the floor. Yesterday, I had picked up this same caramel┬ácandy and put it up on the washer. The wrapper is empty and I’m starting to wonder if someone has broken into the house to eat random candies from tops of clothes washers when I notice the caramel candy itself lying innocently on the floor. Knowing that the ants will soon be upon it, I pick it up and observe several tiny little cat-tooth puncture wounds marring it’s creamy flesh. I eyed Puddles suspiciously but she continued to prance about on the bed, begging for pets as if nothing were amiss. I also laid down the ant stakes so hopefully they will be gone on my next visit.

Both Napoleon and Kiki were waiting for me by the front door; Napoleon even walked right up to me to sniff his can of food before eating. Napoleon has also started this game where he pretends that he is going to let me cuddle him (to get my hopes up) and as soon as I get near, he leaps straight into the air and gallops off, laughing at me the whole time for a being a gullible human. Kiki, on the other hand, being the love bug that he is, thoroughly enjoyed a spirited hugging and petting session on the couch.

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