Sunday 11/07/10

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No photos today.

Remember that new camera I just bought? Cost me $145 bucks. My son dropped it on the tile as he was trying to grab my cell phone so I could call my neighbor and ask him to kindly put his growling lunging dog back in their yard.

See, I heard something on my porch and went to investigate. I had just placed a garbage bag out there since my can is a good 1/2 block from my front door and it’s wet and rainy. Well low and behold, the neighbor’s dog is dragging all my garbage down the wet walkway. I yell and the dog runs over to his fence. I start walking toward him to let him into his gate and he starts to growl, bark, and lunge at me so I step back. Now I’m scared to move and I’m outside all alone, in the dark and the rain. I start yelling for help. NO ONE so much as even opens their door. I yell louder and my son finally hears me and comes to the door and I ask can he please call the dog’s owner and have him come get the dog, as I am now scared to move for fear the dog will maul me.

Now don’t ask me why, but my teenaged child apparently does not know how to use a phone and so he walks out and hands me the phone. I call the neighbor and of course it just goes to voicemail.

So….to sum this all up. I live by a potentially vicious dog (Dalmation and Lab mix, if you were wondering), I’ve just finished picking up garbage in the rain, and the worst part of it all is I have no pictures to share with you.

Puck and Pappas were fine this morning though. They had breakfast and then we hung out inside due to the rain.

I will try to borrow a camera from a friend until I can replace this one.

I hope each and every one of you has had a better evening than I have had.

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