Thursday 10/21/10

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Bo & The Gang – scooped the yard, did a ton of doggie laundry, and we ripped into that new bag of food. Bo was so upset with me that we didn’t get to walk today due to the rain and cold. Brrrrr! Jake came running out of nowhere and shoved his tongue down my throat. How romantic! Roman and Frankie were cuddly as always, of course.

Puddles came out for a bit but Silky was nowhere to be found. I did the cat chores then hung out for a bit just to let them know someone was there. They were doing some work next door and there was a lot of noise which I’m sure scared them both.

Mr. Bean and I went around the block 4 times today. He did both potties, I was very proud of him!

I also volunteered to do pet taxi for a sick bunny on behalf of the Sacramento House Rabbit Society. Thankfully, he is not quite as ill as his owner thought. When I went to pick him up, she mentioned his lack of appetite and his runny eyes and I immediately suspected tooth problems. Turns out the poor guy has an abscess and will  need to have some teeth removed but his prognosis is very good.

Georgia and I had a nice evening stroll this time. What a lovely blustery sunset over the river.

Kiki came right out for petting and rolling around on the carpet, but Napoleon eyed me suspiciously. Both ate and chores were completed and then I hung out on the floor, waiting for Napoleon to approach me. He came very very close but then got scared and ran off. We’ll see if my next visit finds a more courageous kitty waiting. =D

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