Tuesday 09/28/10

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Okay, so Mr. Bean was in a silly mood today. He peed (yes!) and then we went inside to play but all he wanted to do was sniff all over the house like a Bloodhound for several minutes before runningĀ upstairs. I thought he was going to get a toy from his crate but when I didn’t see him come right back, I had to investigate. I found him sitting in his crate, staring at me. I was able to convince him to come back downstairs and play some more. Oh, how I wish I knew what he was thinking!

Rocketman is doing just fine. We did all the chores and then he wanted to go lay on is bed on the couch. Ruda still won’t come in, but he seems to be none the worse for it as he lounged lazily on the lawn. We are in our 2nd day of 100+ temperatures. Hermione was waiting out in the side yard but she ran when I went to put the food out. I did manage to snap a picture of her in the backyard though.

Ryce andĀ I had an interesting walk. A man walking by commented, “Man, that’ s a purdy dog, what is he? Carmel colored?” I’m still wondering why people ask what color a dog is when they are looking right at the dog, I can’t imagine color blindness is that rampant.

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