Tuesday 10/12/10

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Bo & “The Gang” are doing just fine. Roman is so sweet and sensitive and loves to have quiet time sitting beside me and being petted. Jake is very hyper and uses those long thin legs of his to advantage whenever possible. Bo, being the biggest, kind of keeps the peace. He lets Jake and Roman know when they aren’t behaving properly (not that they really listen very well to him!). Frankie is a cuddler and I love how fiercely he protects his toys.

Mr. Bean found a golf ball in his backyard and was running around with it today – too cute!

Georgia and I had a nice walk although I did accidentally step on her foot and she screamed like I had beaten her. I felt so bad, and was certain the neighbors were going to come out to “protect” her! She quickly forgave me, of course.

The time sure did change quickly! Ryce and I stopped early because we got scared of the dark – we are going to start earlier next week.

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