Tuesday 11/09/10

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*GROAN* Regan and I had a run-in with an off leash Jack Russell Terrier. It was wearing the cutest little sweater. I hope I didn’t ruin it with the spray shield. The owner had just left the front door open and out comes the JRT and there was a poodle mix standing in the doorway. I yelled to get back and then sprayed away. Sorry, little doggie – I don’t want any trouble.

The owner finally came out and picked him up. She didn’t say anything to me, I don’t think she even knew what had happened, but she may wonder why her doggie has a fresh citrus scent.

For those that aren’t aware, Spray Shield is a citronella based animal deterrant spray. It is not harmful to the dog, but they don’t like the foam, the taste, or the smell and most will turn tail when given a good dousing. Much preferable, in my humble opinion, to being attacked by a bigger stronger dog that might not appreciate them running full force yapping and snapping into their personal space. To avoid the Spray Shield, simply leash your dogs, as the law requires.

Nothing exciting with Jersey and Izzy, which I was completely okay with. Gorgeous weather though and we enjoyed our walks otherwise.

I included a random picture of one of my rats, Zoom. He claims I never talk about him.

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