Tuesday 11/23/10

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Maggie’s meds went much better today but she actually took off before the sub-qs were completely over. Since I’ve yet to see her move that fast, I let her be.  And mom has said that it’s okay if she doesn’t get the full dose since she is on it daily. She was also eating pretty well today. I went to find Nellie after the commotion and couldn’t find her so I had to go searching until I found her cuddled up on mom’s bed.

After Maggie, I went to walk Jersey, Izzy, and Regan. Regan was in quite a mood today! He kept jumping on me and in general just being a little naughty pants. He was annoying the girls when I let everyone out back. Izzy gave him a dirty look and he backed away, and Jersey just ignored him. Izzy was on some anti-landscaping fit today as she dug up the ground cover on the walkways in a few places. She wouldn’t tell me why. Jersey was happy to see me and we had a good walk, with no snail rescues to speak of.

Elroy and I ended up taking an extended walk, about 45 minutes. We headed over to the Capitol. There were lots of people but we kept off to the side (other side of bushes) on a short lead and everything was just fine so he knew that people were around, but he didn’t have to walk near them. He was very nervous but he calmed down just a little tiny bit so that was a good thing. When I came for his second walk, he ran out to me but of course shyed away when I went to attach the leash.

Chanel and I had a good walk also, she was pretty nervous leaving mom for the first time but she seemed to warm up as the walk went on. She was actually a big help because toward the end, I couldn’t remember which way I had turned and she led me right back home. Thanks, Chanel!

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