Wednesday 01/12/11

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Lots of kitties today (and two Kikis)!!!

Mickey was very curious about everything I was doing and followed me around while Kiki hung out on the bed and glared at me.

Jersey was being quite the little sassy pants today and I had to stop several times to tell her to stop pulling. Reagan behaved himself and princess Izzy didn’t give me any problems at all. Georgia tried really, really, really hard to hold her stay to get her collar on. She actually succeeded this time, I was very proud of her!

Kiki came running up to me once he realized who I was; I’m always happy when that happens. Napoleon eyed me with a little more caution before running toward the bed. Once there, he started running under the bed but when I stopped, he kept his rear end sticking out, taunting me to get closer.  He is such a silly cat!

Please note: the black spot in the photos is from my haunted camera. The spot recently moved into the camera and does not appear to want to move out anytime soon.

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