Wednesday 06/23/10

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Started Georgia on “heel” today and she did very well! Snapped a picture of her holding her down/stay – in front of a neighbor’s dog. Good job, Georgia!

Whitney took some time to roll around, as she does so love to do! Since it was getting quite warm, we spent the last 1/4 of our walk in the backyard. Whitney tried to carry this big huge palm frond that was in the yard, silly girl. I changed the water in the big self-waterer out back and nearly burned myself on the water coming out of the┬áhose – it had been sitting in the sun and was super hot.

Thankfully, our beloved Delta Breeze came in for me and Ryce. I tried to get him to walk through some sprinklers, big fail on that one. He had a one good big ole’ barking fit when a Sheltie walked by, something that hasn’t happened in quite a while. And of course, he sniffed lots of ground squirrel holes at the Light Rail station.

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