Wednesday 08/25/10

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Oh noes! 108 degrees today! Aaaaaacccccccckkkkkk! Fortunately, the two walks I had today ended before 1pm so I managed to avoid the absolute hottest part of the day.

Georgia and I were sweating buckets. Okay, Georgia wasn’t exactly sweating, but man, oh man, I bet she wanted to! It was 91 when we started walking so we tried to stick under the shade of trees as much as possible. Dad wasn’t home when our walk finished; it was so cute that as soon as we got inside, Georgia ran around looking for dad. I’m sure she wanted to tell him how hot it was.

When I arrived to visit Whitney, it had just hit 101 and  she was laying on the front porch! She almost gave me a heart attack! Silly girl had escaped her yard. At the end of our walk, we were stopped by a woman who told me that Whitney had been running all around the park and the neighborhood since mid-morning. The woman works nearby and takes walks on her breaks and lunch. I am so thankful that Whitney was smart enough to stay near her home. I’d like to think that all of our walks around her neighborhood have given her a sense of ownership for the area which caused her to stay close to home. I shudder to think of what could have happened if she had strayed much further. We still took a walk around the ‘hood but had to spend the rest of our visit indoors, it was just too hot to continue on safely and Whitney had given herself a walk earlier anyway!  I didn’t see Jax, I’m sure he had found somewhere nice and cool to hang out and wasn’t about to give up his spot!

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