Wednesday 09/01/10

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Wow! Where the heck did August go???

Kind of a weird theme going on with walks today…

Georgia and I were walking when we saw a straggly-looking gray cat with its head in a pipe that was sticking out of the ground. I was afraid kitty was stuck so I started to move closer, but it swung it’s head up and gave me this bone-chilling demon-cat stare, think Church in “Pet Cemetery”. The cat was licking it’s lips while boring into my soul with it’s icy gaze. I’m pretty sure that pipe contains the wishes of innocent children or something, but I wasn’t going to hang around to find out.

Then I went to walk Lil Bear and check on the buns. Lil Bear suddenly got spooked and started staring behind her and trying to go back home. I couldn’t see anything at first, but then I could finally make out a man wearing a long flowing white gown. He was quite a ways down the street, so I told Lil Bear that everything would be okay and we continued on our walk. As we rounded a corner, I see the man again, this time much closer. He was an older gentleman, wearing a white Jellabiya and turban and walking with a cane. Lil Bear was absolutely beside herself, shaking and trying to run away. You would think the man was wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete the way she was acting. I took her over to a shady yard and we stood under the tree, behind some bushes. She continued to shake for a few minutes but finally calmed down and we headed home. Of course, she was perfectly fine once in the door, especially since she knew a cookie was on it’s way.

I make my way over to Whitney and Jax is waiting on the porch for me. I fill up Jax’s bowl then go outside and change Whit’s outside water and come back in for the inside water. Then we leave for our walk. I couldn’t get the alarm to arm but it wasn’t on when I got in, so I didn’t think much of it…until I saw a gray cat on a neighbor’s porch – giving me the evil eye.

Later in the afternoon, I stop by Bridgette’s house. She was being extra camera-shy so no pictures today, sadly. She took her meds and only scratched me once, yay! I had also stopped earlier at the store to get her more food so that is taken care of. Nothing out of the ordinary to report here.

Of course, later this evening, my aunt sends me a picture of my younger cousin – with what appears to possibly be an apparition above her shoulder, against the wall. I told my aunt that I’m pretty sure it’s just a reflection, but she is going all ghostbusters on me and plans to head over there again later this week to take more photos from with a couple different cameras.

And here I’m thinking Halloween isn’t until the end of next month.

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