Wednesday 10/20/10

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Lots of fun on my first visit of the day with Bo & The Gang. We had yet another incident with the blue squeaky under the couch. Bo and I took our walk – he really looks forward to that time now! The food is running really low, so I stopped off at Pet Extreme to pick a big bag up – one less thing for Mom to worry about when she returns which I think is always a good thing.

I had my first visit with Puddles and Silky today. Silky ran off as soon as I came in but Puddles was ready for petting, although she wasn’t up for posing nicely for the camera. The first couple days of a cat sit can be pretty hands off anyway, as most cats take a while to warm up to new people in their home. I’m looking forward to when Silky finally accepts me.

Mr. Bean also enjoyed his walk, of course he always enjoys everything. We walked by a neighbor and her dog, an elderly (13!) year old doggie. Mr. Bean was barking like mad, he thinks he’s so tough!

Georgia and I saw this little tiny lizard running under the bush. Of course I tried to take a picture but he was soooo small, I hope you can make him out.

Ryce and I had a really good walk. We ended up back home a few minutes early (I didn’t realize I walked so fast!) and since he has a new fence in his front yard, we spent some time playing fetch with a selection of tennis balls.

And now…the videos (yes, I did go a bit crazy today)

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