Wednesday 10/27/10

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Another long day! We started out by heading on down to Stockton. I accompanied Amy from Pit Crew to rescue a pit bull that had been dumped by the marina. The dog had been left there for about 3 weeks, and the woman that reported this to Amy stated that she witnessed a pickup truck pull up and dump the dog. Apparently, the woman had tried to capture the dog but she kept running off. Well we pulled up and Gemma (as I decided to call her), was at the bottom of he embankment. She was shy at first, but I threw some food down to her and she quickly realized that we were there to help. After only a few minutes, she climbed up and ate then we loaded her up in the car with no trouble at all and off we headed back to Sacramento.

Once back in town, we made our way to Pet Extreme on Sutterville to give Gemma a much needed bath.

Tonight she is hanging out at Amy’s house awaiting transport to a boarding facility while we try to find her a foster home or (even better) a forever family. She does have some old wounds that we suspect are from being hit or thrown out of a car but she appears to be in good health otherwise.

After leaving Gemma, I went to pick up Finnegan, a 10 year old Lab taken into rescue by Central California Labrador Rescue. I am going to foster him for a few days until a foster or forever home opens up. I didn’t get a chance to take any photos, but there will be plenty tomorrow. Right now he is resting comfortably in a crate with blankets. He is such a sweet boy, full of energy that belies his years. He loved playing with the soccer ball in the backyard!

I then went over to care for Lucca, Mushka, Percy, and Eli. To my shock and utter amazement, Eli let me pet him! I opened the door to the cat room and there stood Eli. I froze, thinking he would run off shortly but when he just stayed there, I took a chance and reached down and he came towards me! He came into the livingroom for more pets before running off the bedroom. I went to retrieve him from under the bed and he didn’t resist when I tried to pick him up. After I finished with the chores, I noticed that Eli was no longer in the livingroom so I went searching for him. I finally found him behind the chair in the baby’s room (don’t worry, I took my shoes off first!). Again, I tried to pick him up but this time he lept up and clawed the living daylights out of my arm. I have 4 good little punctures and two are bruised (that would be the wounds in that weird red picture, not sure why my arm is glowing). See, even this awesome job has hazards! I managed to get him out by shooing him with the broom handle and he made his way back to the livingroom where I petted him some more and he acted as if he had never mauled me in the first place. Lucca is doing great, even with her little cone. I did take it off for her to eat but then she started with worrying her legs again so I put it back on before leaving. Mushka of course, still  hates me. At least she is consistent!

I also went to visit Izzy, Regan, and Jersey. Izzy and Regan gave me a pause as they were going absolutely ballistic when I walked in. I sat for a while on the couch for them to warm up but then Regan decided to start trying to wedge his head through the gate and I must admit, there was a second where I wondered what he was trying to do but eventually everyone calmed down and the visit went without a hitch. Jersey never said a word. Regan and Jersey did not finishe all of their dinner so I left the uneaten food in the bowls atop the counter in case Dad wants to let them finish when he returns.

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