Wednesday 11/24/10

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving eve!

Weather update: for all of you out there enjoying NOT being in Sacramento right now, it is currently 37 degrees and falling! Truckee was -6 and Tahoe is -2. Can you say C-O-L-D? I’m going to work on adding a current weather widget to the blog to keep you updated better.

And now, the pets:

The day started out with Maggie and Nellie. Can you believe Maggie actually semi-ran out to the kitchen to meow for food? I was pretty excited and she ate quite a bit, too. Nellie is pretty upset with me because I’m trying to help her mom wean her from the kibble so it’s just a little kibble and mostly canned which of course causes her to act like she is simply going to die if I keep trying to get her to eat it.

Next, I went over to walk Elroy. Could he possibly be any cuter? I don’t think so! He comes running when he sees the leash of course and we’ve been having some pretty good walks, despite it being in the upper 20’s to low 30’s during some of our outings. I might have hallucinated due to the cold, but I could have sworn that when we were at a stop light waiting to cross, Elroy actually leaned in and let me pet him. Once I realized what was going on, he jumped back and called me a liar. Not wanting to cause a scene, I quickly agreed that I must be mistaken and we continued on without further almost-liking-me incident. Bonus: I got to meet a very pretty black and white kitty this evening. Well, kinda meet. It was more of a sighting!

Rocky and I had a good long walk and cuddles later. I left the tv on for him, I thought it would make him feel better. Plus, I think he wanted to watch the end of the program.

Oh, I forgot about the poo. Yeah, THE poo. So Rocky is a sidewalk pooper. No problem there, but I inadvertently got poo on my Domo glove. *sadface* I didn’t notice until I grabbed my camera and noticed…leavings on my camera. So I had poo on my glove, which got in my pocket, which got on the back of my phone and the top of my camera. And I still had several walks ahead of me. See, there is a downside to this job after all!

Jersey was being an absolute silly willy today! Check out her video down below. Pay close attention to Izzy’s expression, too funny! Regan was bugging the girls again today, well, trying to. He never does get far with that.

I then made the trek over to see my Ryce. A couple things about Ryce: he hates bags, and the wind scares him. He was an unhappy camper today!

Georgia and I hit the levee once again. I tried her on a Martingale because it gives more of a correction for jumping. So far, so good.

OH! And Jake and Roman! I feel SO bad that I left them out of yesterday’s update. Rest assured, they are perfectly healthy and happy. It’s just that since they are here every day, I keep forgetting that I have to give them back to their parents at some point! (kidding! I have PLENTY of pets of my own already!)

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